On April the 5th 2011 Apple has decided to ban Super Streaker from the App Store.

After 10 month online and 1,167,007 dowloads, Apple considered the game doesn't match his morals anymore, and kicked it out from the store.

This is a really bad news for all of you who had bought the game, and for those who we'll never be able to play it!

RIP Super Streaker :-(


iPhone : Super Streaker 2014 IPA for jailbreaked device (FREE)

PC : Super Streaker 0.99z, ZIP for PC (FREE)

April 5th 2011. SUPER STREAKER has been CENSORED by APPLE for violence against soccer players after 1,167,007 dowloads. More infos Send on twitter!

Download Super Streaker 2014 IPA for jailbreaked iPhone

Foot + Shooting = Super Streaker !

Surgissez nu en plein match de foot, et pulvérisez le contenu du stade en un temps record, à l'aide de votre pistolaser ! Experimentez aussi l'efficacité des armes trouvées sur place comme la canette de bière ou la trompète de supporter. Vous pourrez même choisir vos équipes préférées.

Super Streaker est un pur shooting 3D à la 3ème personne, au gameplay addictif et jouissif.

Super Streaker, et le mondial devient fun !


Choose your weapon with the blue button and fire with the red button !! Great ! I've killed a player with the oil barrel !

1 Suica 54,809
2 iPad 51,767
3 iPad 35,552
4 iPad 32,918
5 iPad 32,113
6 Jason Gunn Lee's TOUCH 31,321
7 iPad 30,262
8 iPad 29,502
9 iPhone von rene 27,854
10 iPad 27,354

For real fans! More about Super Streaker here

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